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Ready Actions / Opportunity Attacks

As a lesser action a player may choose to take a Ready Action. Any enemy that enters into a hex they control (front hexes within range of their weapon) can be attacked by the player upon entry. When making the attack the player and opponent each make a special initiative roll with the winner going first.


Combat will take place on a hex map. If an character is attack from any of their 3 back hexes that character loses their Agility from their combat defense..

Forced Defensive movement

Whenever a character is attacked and the attack misses the attacked character must move backwards 1 hex. If the chosen hex is difficult terrain the character must make an average Alertness roll or trip and fall. The defender always gets to choose what hex they move into unless the attack was a “Feint Attack”.

A player who does not wish to move may drop their Agility number from their combat defense and stay where they are.

Feint Attack

In melee combat a character may make a Feint Attack as a minor action. If the attack succeeds it does no damage but the attacker make choose what backwards hex the attacked player moves into, assuming they used their Agility as part of their combat defense.

The Feint Attack is always declared before the defender declares if they are using their Agility as part of their defense. If the defender chooses not to use their Agility are part of their defense, effectively making the Feint Attack worthless, the attacker may then change his Feint Attack into a normal attack for -1B.

Fighting On The Ground and Standing Up

If a character is fighting on the ground the attacker gets +1B for elevation and the defender loses Agility from their Combat Defense.

Standing is a lesser action unless the character’s total bulk (armor + shield = ?) is greater than 2 in which case it is a Greater Action. If the total bulk is greater than 4, ie Plate plus Tower Shield, then standing also requires an Athletics roll of greater than the total bulk * 2, Strength bonus dice can be added into this roll.

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