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Introduction Advenutre based off Wedding Knight scenario

The first adventure dealt with an imposed marriage between House Fortezza and House Manning, two traditional rivals. The adventure was adapted from the SIFRPG’s Wedding Knight.


Sylvie Fortezza peered through the window. Inside she saw her brothers chasing after her father. “Men talk,” she thought. Her venerable father, Lord Gerard Fortezza had just told them he had been summoned to Casterly Rock to speak with Lord Tywin Lannister. He didn’t say why, and didn’t say who was going with him. His children chased after him like a pack of hounds, leaving their lunch of eggs, hard cheese and bread, behind for the servants to clean up. Slyvie grabbed an egg an followed, two steps behind her young cousin Martina, who only wanted to go because she had a crush on Jamey Lannister. Sylvie empathized.

She watched one by one as her father allowed his children and attendants to enter his solar, each pleading their case to travel with him to the Rock. When morning came Sylvie watched her Lord Father ride off with both her brother’s, Piero and Kevan, and Ser Jalag, heir to House Kerieth. She smiled as she watched Jalag ride with them. “Now neither of use have snooping brother’s to worry about.”

Two days later they returned. Sylvie was sitting in the common room with her cousin Martin, uncle Hector and her two small nephews. Martina was teaching one how to balance on a beam while while father Hector quaffed ale and spoke of his heroics on Pyke. Valuable skills, she thought, but by the look of her father’s face not the what was needed in Sylvie.

“Dear daughter,” Lord Tywin said to Sylvie, “I have good news. Lord Tywin has arranged a marriage for you. You will marry ”/campaigns/house-fortezza/characters/kevan-manning" class=“wiki-content-link”>Ser Kevan Manning."

Slyvie’s jaw dropped at the news. The Fortezza’s and Manning’s have generations of bad blood between then. She knew Ser Kevan, the Manning’s lived a few hills north of them, near the Tumblestone river.

“Wonderful,” she said with a smile. It was a hard lie to tell.

“We will be busy,” Lord Fortezza told her children. “The wedding will be in one week and at Castle Manning. We’ll be travelling there and setting up a camp on the outskirts. ”/campaigns/house-fortezza/characters/artur-manning" class=“wiki-content-link”>Lord Artur is inviting many noble families from the region."

“Jalag, will your family be attending as well?” Slyvie turned and asked her father’s banner-man.

They would, but it was not Jalag who Sylvie was interested in.

The head of House Fortezza’s, the venerable Lord Gerald Fortezza, had received a raven. Dark wings dark words.

Down in the common hall below the Lord Gerard’s family had been at lunch. I wont go into details. The young cousin, Martina, who was back from Braavos and sat alongside her uncles discussing the gem trade. Her eldest uncle was Gerald’s brother, Hector, and next to him Gerald’s son, and heir <eric> the one-arm and together they had contacts from the hill pass to the rivers, and all for trade. At another table over, where the ale was flowing, sat the second in line to the throne <ace> who quaffed ale with his friend <ace> and their banner-men — The Kereith’s. Jalag and his younger brother Etan were the shield that backed the sword of Fortezza.

“Father,” <eric><someone> he had persuaded his father. When all was said and done Eric, Ace and Brodie had convinced their father to accompany him to … Casterly Rock!

Vro and Maxx got left behind. <ha>


Upon arrival at Caterly Rock Lord Tywin became frank. House Fortezza must make an alliance of marriage with the Mannings. The Mannings were an old enemy who sat alongside the Tumblestone two mountains away. “Vengeance hits hard,” was their motto, and they were known to say that Fortezza knew it to be true.

“We must arrange a marriage between your sister and their heir to house Manning, Kevan Manning.

The sister was the lovely Sylvie, whose chestnut hair and heart shaped face was much admired around the pass Fortezza controlled. Her well rounded figure was especially admired by travelers and local folk alike, especially house Kerieth. She was <eric> older. She was the first to admit that their parents must have been tired those first three years after marriage, if not before.

Kevan Manning was introduced to the characters along side his father the doddlling Artur Manning. Their demeanor was gracious and polite and Ser Kevan said he would be honored to may Sylvie. “We hope to put the disagreements of the past into the past,” Lord Artur confided to Lord Gerard. “Now we must decide who should host the wonderful event.”


<let><ace>s older brother Jalag.

The next morning a hunt was organized by House Manning for the entertainment of the guests, and presumably the cooks as well.



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