House Fortezza

Into the Vale
Two Paths

Tyrion thanks you for saving his life and pointedly reminds Jalag that a Lannister always pays his debts. As you leave the Eyrie, and they make you leave, you witness Orten Lugus conversing with some of the knights and banner-men in the hall — the Lugus are bannermen to the Arryn’s. Eventually he follows you out but says that he will need to return home. “I must tell my brother what has transpired.” Before any of you can speak Tyrion interjects with, “I think that is wise. But remember, the Vale may be in need of new leadership soon. I for one am not fond of its current leaders. Tell your father that. He’s a wise man.” Orten nods his head and quickly leaves.

“As for the rest of you,” Tyrion says after you reach the ground. “we have a couple of important needs. I need to be escorted back to Casterly Rock as soon as possible. I must speak with my father. Further, my brother in King’s Landing will also need to be warned. Jalag, Piero and Hector will accompany me home. Hector and Kevan, I want you two to travel to Kings Landing and speak to my brother. Martina, I want you to go with them as well. Things are going to be dangerous for a while. Tell my sister that she is to take you as a ward until things settle down. You’re a smart girl, listen up and you’ll like it there.”

“I can do many things. This is not one of them,” Hector says. “I’m assuming that I, Hector shall be going to Casterly Rock and Royce will be traveling with Kevan to Kings landing. Would that be the correct assumption?”

Tyrion laughs. “Why yes, of course. I doubt even you could find a way to be in two places at the same time. Hector, your nephew Piero and Jalag will accompany me to the Rock. The rest shall go to Kings Landing.”

“Very good, my lord Tyrion. House Fortezza stands ready to support you.

“Kevan, our way lies along the same road until we reach Lord Harroway’s town. When we split up there, you should take the bulk of our traveling money. You’ll need it in King’s landing. I’ll send a rider out to our father with tidings from the Golden tooth, and another at Sarsfield to be sure.

“My lord Tryion,” says Piero, “perhaps it would be helpful for you to provide a letter of introduction for the party going to Lannisport. Perhaps more than one letter. We could serve you better if we had multiple allies there. I’m afraid we are making rather a habit of establishing innocence via trial by combat, and for some reason this does not quite satisfy certain people.”

Tyrion nods his head.

“My Lord,” Piero continues privately with Tyrion as the party travels. “Tyrion, it’s a great pleasure to finally get to spend some time with you. You know, I have studied you and admired you for much of my young life. I’ve asked my maester to find copies of the books you are known to be reading, and I much admire your somewhat underappreciated management skills. My sources at Casterly Rock tell me that the drains never drained so well as when you had charge of them. Mayhaps there are other, more… political.. chokepoints which need cleaning out as well, so that gold and power can flow more easily toward you and yours.”

Tyrion offers whatever notes you require. He understands subterfuge and as long as it’s in line with the Lannister’s you’ll get your letter. “Still,” he mentions. “It will carry more wait if it comes from my father. Let us wait until we meet with him and you will get it. A Lannister always pays his debts. As for your other insinuation, we do not control the Riverlands but if things do change your relatives could well find their way into a castle or keep along your trade routes. Stay by my side Piero, I like how you think.”

While sitting by the fire later that night, Hector approaches Tyrion. “M’lord. That was a grave mistake on Lady Catlyn’s part taking you hostage, a greater one still for Lady Lyssa to try and send you through her precious moon door. If it were my son I’d storm Vale, Imp or not, but you know your father best. What will do you believe his command shall be when you arrive home?”

Alliance with House Lugus

The party meets with House Lugus to form a trade pact. Also, meets Shen Yi-Ti who rewards them with a magical egg that he says helps people believe any lie you tell.

Peril At Kings Landing (Part 2)
breaking the adventure

The party figures out they’ve been framed for a crime they didn’t commit, and after coming to the conclusion that this is clever, decide to join sides with the bad guys. Totally broke the last part of the adventure.

Peril At Kings Landing (Part 1)
getting there is half the problem

The party (sans Kevan and Royce) traveled from castle Fortezza to Kings Landing in order to participate in the tournament in honor of the new Hand, Eddard Stark.

Meet the families
Introduction Advenutre based off Wedding Knight scenario

The first adventure dealt with an imposed marriage between House Fortezza and House Manning, two traditional rivals. The adventure was adapted from the SIFRPG’s Wedding Knight.


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