Piero Fortezza

Heir to house Fortezza. Skilled negotiator. Machiavellian personality. Not so good in a fight.


Uncle Hector is the custodian of all of Piero’s secret performance statistics as measured in the annual House Fortezza Mock Olymics. Such as:

How many pullups Peiro can do: (none)
Bench press: (75 half pounds)
40 yard dash in armor: (4.3 minutes)
Relay race with passing of the baton: DNF
Overall score: 2.3 out of 6, good for last place.*

*After the event, this score was raised to 5.8 out of 6 under mysterious circumstances, and Piero was awarded the gold medal.


Character Background

Piero Fortezza is the eldest son and heir of Gerard Fortezza.

Though he is trained in the rudiments of fighting, including a bastardized version of the Braavosi “water dancing” style, he has always been studious, and spends more time with the maester than the master-at-arms.

Politics, people, and history are his passions. His father always brought him along to the negotiating table, from a young age. He has been raised by perceptive men, and thus is perceptive beyond his years. He has been taught to recognize people’s hidden agendas and trained in all the subtle ways of speech.

Piero’s secret dream is to someday use his political skill to turn his enemies against each other, and then, when they are weakened, to pounce upon them and destroy them all, usurping all their combined lands and incomes. Once this is done, house Fortezza will be in such a strong position, who’s to say what might happen? Perhaps his son will be positioned to take the throne. Perhaps he might take it himself.

Despite his studious nature, (or perhaps because of it), my character is a thrill-seeker. Whether it is because his head has been filled with tales of glory and intrigue, or because of some inner need, he is always pushing the limits of his physical abilities.

His father discourages this, but his beloved uncle (Max’s character) revels in it and encourages it. Or at least he used to.

FLAW (and History)

During the tail end of the last winter, when Piero was just a lad, he and his uncle Hector went out hunting together in the mountains with a small party of men. A storm was brewing, but they laughed a welcome to it, and set off. They ascended up and over a high mountain, in search of the mountain goats which were known to frequent the slopes on the far side.

The storm arrived suddenly, pinning them down. They were caught in an avalanche, and their party was all killed, except for the two Fortezzas, who managed to escape the deluge of snow.

Injured and now missing most of their equipment, the uncle and the little Lordling were in a bad way. Piero had suffered a compound fracture of the left arm, and his life was saved only because of a tourniquet applied by Hector. The lower arm froze solid during the subsequent trek along the valley bottom to the nearest shelter. The storm held them pinned down for four days, and they were forced to amputate the limb with a short sword.

On the fifth day, they headed to a food cache only to find it surrounded by wolves. caught in the act of pilfering the dried meat. Hector fought off the wolves with the sword while Piero waved a flaming brand in his remaining hand. During the fight Hector sustained a bad bite, but he killed his wolf.

The food was won, along with a warm pelt. Their survival was assured.

Later, strengthened and ready, they climbed back over the mountain they’d been avalanched off of, and returned to the keep, having been gone 7 long days.

Forever after, both men refer to this period as “the week from hell.”

They are now more cautious, but retain their natural optimism and “find a way” attitude.


Piero would rather talk than fight. Yet as the heir he was been supplied with superior weapons (rapier, spear, and dagger) and has received the martial training usual to one in his position in Westeros.

However, after he lost his left arm, Piero gave in to his natural predisposition and focused even more strongly on training his mind. His maester often said “Your mind, a rapier; your tongue, a dagger. Both can be deadly.”

When his father is present, his mostly listens, but offers his opinion when he feels he must. He is starting to exerts a quiet leadership within his family. At court, he is frequently underestimated, being so young, but then he makes a comment or observation that turns the conversation on its head.

When it comes to the physical arts, he is expected to do certain things, like make a respectable showing at the jousting lists, and truth be told he likes the thrill of it. He has a specially-made shield which has straps that can hold his stump securely. He uses a jousting lance in these situations, but in actual battle, in wooded areas or in the wild he uses a long spear.

He is a good rider so long as he has his custom reins and his specially trained horse. On an unfamiliar animal he rides like a one-armed man.

On foot, he uses his rapier. In the darkness of night, a dagger. He is not above using poison if needs be.


Piero often says “_*Everything is negotiable*_” and “_*All’s fair in love and war.*_”

If it were available in Westeros, his favorite book would be “*The Prince*” by Machiavelli.

Piero Fortezza

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