Kevan Fortezza

The charming point of Fortezza's social spear.


3 Agility, 3 Athletics, 4 Awareness, 3 Cunning, 3 Deception (1B Bluff), 4 Endurance, 4 Fighting (3B fencing), 3 Language, 4 Persuasion (2B Charm, 2B Convince), 3 Status, 1 Thievery, 4 Will. All others 2.

Cohort (Royce): Loyal ally of lower status
Blood of the Andals (Fighting): Re-roll 1 die. +2 to one test 1/day.
Attractive: Re-roll 1s on Persuasion tests.
Flaw: Insensitive (-1D on Healing tests)

Intrigue Defense: 10
Combat Defense: 10
Composure: 12
Health: 12

Noble clothes
Castle-forged bravosi blade
Castle-forged left-hand dagger
Scale armor (for battle)
Ring armor (for casual wear)


Kevan Fortezza

House Fortezza Zaruthustran