Hector Fortezza

A veteran of war with a heroic history.


Ability Score
4 – Athletics, Awareness, Status
3 – Agility, Animal Handling, Endurance, Fighting, Knowledge, Marksmanship, Persuasion, Survival, Will
2 – Cunning, Deception, Healing, Language, Thievery, Warefare

Specialties: 1B Ride, 3B Strength, 1B Empathy, 1B Notice, 3B Axes, 1B Bows, 1B Convince, 1B Intimidate

Berserker – Whenever you take an injury or wound you can make a free attack against an adjacent opponent. You do not use bonus dice. In addition you can continue fighting when you should be defeated. At the end of the current round you may roll a Formidable(12) will test to continue fighting. Penalties from wounds and injuries do not apply. You may make as many tests as equal to your endurance rank.
Blood of the Andals – Whenever you test your specified ability (fighting) you may re-roll a single die. You must take the second result even if worse. In addition, once perday you may add +2 to the result of any one test in that field.
Keen Senses – When testing awareness to notice something you may re-roll 1s equal to your notice specialty. In addition add your cunning to your passive awareness.
Axe Fighter I – Whenever rolling a fighting test to attack you may sacrifice any number of bonus dice to inflict a nast gash that deals damage the next turn. This damage ignores armor and deals damage equal to the number of dice sacrificed.

Flawed Agility – Take a -1D on agility tests.
Nemisis – You have a destructive enemy.

Destiny Points: 1

Intrigue Defence: 10
Composure: 9
Combat Defence: 8
Health: 9

Longaxe – 4D+2B+1 for 10dmg w/ 2h, Bulk 1, Reach, Powerful, Vicious
*Double-Cruved Bow
– 3d+1 w/ 2h, Long Range

Breastplate – AR5

Hector is a warrior. He enters the field with an axe and ruins the day of whomever he first closes in on. He now (thanks to xp) is able to wield a bow with some success, just to give him an option at range or on horseback. Though is somewhat lacking in intrigue, his cobat abilities make him a vital member to any party.
Hector Fortezza basically guaranteed to hit his mark when he swings, its more of a matter of how much damage will he do rather than will he do damage. This is thanks to the re-rolls he gets in fighting from his Andal blood. In itrigue he relies mostly upon his status and awarenss due to his low cunning and deception. In combat hes offensive, in intrigue defensive.


Hector Fortezza

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