Bolek Grimtarr

A dirty assassin doomed to fate.


Ability Score:
5 – Fighting
4 – Agility, Cunning, Persuasion
3 – Athletics, Awareness, Deception, Endurance, Marksmenship, Stealth, Survival, Thievery, Will
2 – Animal Handling, Healing, Language, Knowledge, Status
1 – Warefare

Specialties: 1B Empathy, 2B Disguise, 2B Short Blades, 1B Sneak, 2B Slight of Hand

Furative – When testing stealth re-roll ANY 1s. In addition add agility rank to test results when testing stealth.
Sinister – 1st round of combat/intrigue opponents take -1D to all fighting/persuation checks against you.
Treacherous – Add cunning rank to results when testing deception.
Short Blade Fighter I – Add +1 piercing to shortblades
Short Blade Fighter II – Draw shortblades as a free action. In addition add number of short blade bonus dice to fighting test result.

Debt – When testing Persuasion (Bargain) take -2D.
Cruel – When making animal handling tests take -1D.

Destiny Points: 0

Intrigue Defence: 9
Composure: 6
Combat Defence: 11
Health: 9

Stilleto – 4D+1B+2 for 4dmg w/ Pierce 3
Dirk – 4D+2B+2 for 2dmg w/ Off-hand +2, Pierce 1

Soft Leather – AR 2
So as you can see, Bolek is a min-maxed character. I gave him two flaws for two an extra destiny point, and promptly spent both points on Short Blade Fighter. In Kings Landing I dont expect much combat and with Royce around, I think any combat we do come across will solve its self. Bolek is the bloodshed off the battleground. Obviously he wont be killing any lords any time soon, but you can be sure that that people will disappear very quickly if they dont have sufficient status to protect them from the Fortezza’s hand.
Bolek is a niche character with a few special tricks up his up his sleeve. One of those trick being the knives he can comfortably conceal in forementioned sleeve due to his skill in slight of hand. Slight of hand allows him to hide weapons on his person and draw them unseen. Even on a poor roll, Bolek succeeds in most stealth checks, and his disguise specialty he can fool people as well. Basically, Bolek is incredibly hard to detect even though his stealth and deception scores are only 3. I believe his fighting rank speaks for itself.


Born under a different name, Bolek was raised in a small village that rested on the coast of the Reach. At the age of 11 the village was sacked by a group of rebels and all the inhabitants, save for one, were killed. Bolek was pushed out on a raft with another young boy named William by his mother to escape the carnage. They quickly lost their dismal excuse for a paddle and were under soon at the seas mercy. A terrible storm destroyed the raft, and the boys were forced to fight over a single piece of drift wood. Bolek stabbed William with a wooden shank and left him to bleed.
The storm that destroyed the raft also washed the young boy back to shore, where an old fisherman named Gunthal Allers found him. The boy was too weak to speak for a month, and so the fisherman named him Bolek. Though Gunthal was a good hearted soul, the time at sea had made Bolek into a mean spirited creature. Though Gunthal provided him with food and shelter, he stole his meals and crept into inns unwelcomed. As he grew older he grew meaner, frequenting taverns to gamble and fight. Due to his habit of ignoring debts owed, fights were often easy to come by.
After 5 years of insulting and exploiting the old fisherman, Bolek was kicked out for good. Still drunk of his last exploit and sour of his current predicament, Bolek wandered to the local tavern where he found a group of rather wealthy throwing knives at a target. With a sudden urge to leave town, Bolek bet them an absurd 15 gold dragons he could hit an apple off the head of a wench. The drunken noblemen took the bet and promptly grabbed the nearest girl and held her to the wall, a moldy pear standing in for an apple. It was with loud cheers of joy that the nobles cried when Bolek missed and took out the poor girl’s eye. When Bolek refused to pay, the furious men offered 20 dragons to the man who first subdued Bolek.
Though he fought hard, Bolek was soon pinned by a large oarsman. The oarsman held him down while the noblemen kick Bolek brutally.
Bolek awoke with a start the next morning badly bruised and caked in filth, much of it his own. A dog had a firm grip on his arm, tharshing its head in an attempt to tear it off. Bolus killed the beast with a broken brick and hobbled out of the town.
While on the road, he stumbled upon a man crouched over a freshly dead body. The man was named Randal Kannin and soke with a motley accent that he claimed came from his many travels on the other side of the Narrow Sea. He spoke of his performances in high courts made of gold. Feasts of steaming boar and goose where women bathed in jewels fawned over him and his talents.
Bolek was facinated and begged to acompany Randal on his travels to larn under him. Randal pulled a knife from the dead mans back and stroked his chin thoughtfully. “My boy, I am thinking…you do not even know what I do. Do you think you will learn the singing? Dancing? The pulling of pidgeons from the crowns of kings? What do you think I do?”
“I think you take the gold of fat, rich men.”
“Haha! That I do!”
It turned out that Randal did actually pull pidgeons from the crowns of kings. He was a trickster whoe swallowed swords and juggled daggers. He would pull birds from his sleeves and coins from childrens ears. But the real source of Randals income was murder. He would travel from city to city, preforming in high courts to disguise the fact that he was actually studying targets for assassination. Later that night he would kill them and take all the valuables he could carry.
Bolek quickly took to Randals teachings, taking special interest in his knife work. They soon became a team act, juggling knives together and eating flaming swords. Then in the night a noblemen would die and they would disappear. Bolek took on the last name Grimtarr among the shady taverns he would frequent, blowing away all his earnings on ale and loosing bets.

Bolek Grimtarr

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